Best Budget Projectors Under $200 Review

The number of projector brands under $200 out there has made it possible that getting the quality ones is not an easy task. People who may not have the complete information are prone to purchasing substandard projectors from manufacturers. They come from makers who do not take everything into consideration before churning out products. Some may get products that are not compact enough and some may get ones that do not show the actual size of images and resolutions as stipulated. In some cases, the dongle connection system may not be in the unit as advertised. There may also be cases where the remote is already bad or may not be working perfectly, even when the buttons are not on the body of the unit. This makes buying the best projector under 200 kind of difficult. Come with us on this journey to get the full info on projectors under 200.

Best Projectors Under $200 Comparison

Overall Score
Native Resolution
Aspect Ratio
Contrast Ratio
Lamp Life
50,000 hrs
30,000 h
50,000 h
30,000 h
30,000 hrs
12x8x4.5 in
26.1×19.8×9.4 cm
10.9×8.58×3.9 in
11.2x9x4.5 in
Screen Size
32-176 in
220 in
35-140 in
35-180 in
35-180 in
Resolution Distance
1.07-3.8 m

DBPOWER T22 Projector Review

  • Gives more than 50% brighter than regular projectors
  • It comes with both front and back IR receivers
  • Customer support is detailed
  • Front height adjustment and lens cover
  • Text display is aliased
  • Remote does not come with batteries
  • Comes with funky system menu
  • The optical keystone is not problem solving

What we think

This is the best according to our research. When you see the best budget projector that gives brighter images (to the tune of 50%) than the others in the market, you should immediately go for it. The unit from DBPOWER does exactly this. This is the best for home entertainment, especially in dark conditions, because it does 50% better than the normal LED units.

One of the major attributes of this model is the fact that its fan sound has been completely updated. So, the innovative cooling system it comes with will ensure that heat is properly dispersed and the normal sound of the fan reduced by half. The meaning is that this will serve you with 50% less noise. The image could be stretched between 32-176 Inch and the projector distance is between 1.5m-5m. But to get the best output, 2-2.5m is recommended, with the image size of 130-Inch.

The DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Budget Projector works with the wireless HDMI dongle to connect it to your phone and other devices, though it does not come with the dongle. With this, you can watch content from your smartphone, iPad and other mobile devices. Connections can also be made through USB, SD, AV and VGA. When you buy this, you will get a 3-year warranty that will give you professional customer service and technical support while it lasts. The technology is LED, though an advanced type, and will save you the optical harm posed by the tablets, laptops and TVs. For the lamp, you will enjoy up to 50,000 hours before it goes bad.

This is the best projector under 200, and it gives out a whopping 1500 Lumens of light with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The aspect ratio is 16:10, while the projection ratio is 1.4:1. It comes with a native resolution of about 800x480 pixels that when stretched, could support up to 1920x1080 pixels. The size of the product is 12 x 8 x 4.5 inches, while the weight is 2.1 pounds.


According to Momof2, the image coming out from the projector is great. It works great in a dark room and its effects are perfect.

Vikki Dunn said that as a budget projector, his own does barely well. But this is far from what many other buyers are saying. They are all commending the unit for amazing services.

XINDA 2017 PRJ003 Review

  • It’s very portable
  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s compatible with man devices
  • 50,000 hours LED lamp life
  • Limited distance
  • Crooked, blurry and grainy images when distance is increased
  • No MHL cable
  • Internal speaker is not solid

What we think

This unit from Xinda is one of the best projectors under 200 on the market today. With this, you will enjoy memorable evenings with your family, friends, colleagues, your partner, and your guest. The images could be stretched between 35-140 Inches, even though the advised size is between 49 to 90 inches for the maximum viewing experience. One of the selling points of the best budget projector is that it gives you a lamp life that cannot be gotten from many others. The LED lamp works for more than 50,000 hours and still gives crystal clear pictures. It is designed with full portability in mind, so the size is very compact and could allow you to pack it and travel with it whenever you feel like. It comes with a native resolution of about 800x480RGB, which could be stretched to 1920x1080. Xinda 2017 gives a brightness of up to 2000 ANSI Lumens, and the aspect ratio and contrast ratio are 4:3/16:9 and 1500:1 respectively.

While the XINDA 2017 PRJ003 projector’s fan gives some noise when it is in use, it is perfect for video games enjoyment. One other quality of this is that even when the light is on and everywhere is bright, you can still enjoy crystal clear and bright images. It is compatible with your PC, laptop, and DVD and the USB disks. The connection is through features like USB/VGA/ HDMI/AV and SD Card. With this, you can also enjoy your PS3, PS4, XBox One or Wii. When you want to connect your iPad, iPhone, Android, and other smartphones get the MHL cable for the MHL input and enjoy.

The unit weighs about 4 Pounds, with a size of 10.2x7.8x3.7 inches. when you purchase one of this, you will get a projector, 1 user manual, one power adapter, 1 three in one AV cable and a remote control.


Margaret L. Roever says he purchased it for backyard movie nights and it gives a loud volume, works perfectly with her laptop and fire stick, and the picture is very clear.

Paul Diazon said this budget projector is decent, but the handling and shipping was poor. This may have been caused by the intermediaries that handled the unit at the courier firm’s offices. So it’s not the fault of the manufacturers, and you can still enjoy your unit as it did not affect it.

GooDee Movie Projector Review

  • Delivers great picture quality
  • Very affordable price
  • Very light in weight
  • Comes with multiple adapters
  • The audio is not loud
  • The audio may have a buzzing noise
  • Remote works only when you are just a foot away from the unit

What we think

The best projector under 200 cannot offer better qualities than what you will get from this. Its luminous efficiency is up to 3200. This is coupled with a 1280x800 native resolution that makes the colors very brilliant and rich. The technology inherent in this is the type that supports the newest 1080p video input, and this makes it the choice of many users. The image size when projected could be up to 35-180 inches within a distance of 1.2m-5m range. However, possibly, you will get the best of images when you project around 2.5-4m and within 80-120 inches.

The GooDee Movie Projector comes with a single panel of LCD and a maximum power LED light from a lamp that could last up to 30,000 hours. This machine could be connected to a lot of devices and contents viewed from them in HD. This could be done through the HDMI, VGA, AV and USB ports that it comes with. The media that it supports include e-book, movie, music and photos, and all these could be viewed from your mobile, iPhone, laptop, computer, iPad and from your Blu-ray DVD. You can also connect your X-360, X-One, X-Box, PS3, and PS4 consoles on this through the HDMI ports. This gives you the games in very large and clear screen. There is also a possibility for you to view this on your tablet and smartphones, but only when you must have purchased the wireless HDMI dongle separately.

One thing that stands it out is the ultra-silent function. This is because the fan sound has been updated to make it unheard. You will need external speakers if you must get loud sounds from it because the built-in stereo speaker isn’t that loud. This unit from DooDee comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9, and it weighs 4.8 LB, with a dimension of 10.9*8.58*3.9 Inch and 1.07 Billion colors.

When you buy a budget projector, you get also an HDMI cable, a VGA cable, an AV 3 in 1 cable, and a remote control. You will also get a user manual and a projector lens cap.


Jennifer. Q. says it offers perfect HD picture quality with amazing colors. She commends the ease of use.

Melissa Henderson says it comes with mediocre colors and a loud fan noise. But these cannot be completely true because many users have commended the amazing color output. Also, the updated fan sound makes it less noisy as many buyers have attested to.

CiBest GP90 Review

  • It’s very quiet
  • It comes with an inbuilt speaker
  • The unit is very affordable
  • Wonderful output in dark areas
  • Functions with TV antenna
  • This is not compatible with Dolby&AC3 audio
  • There is no wireless HDMI adapter

What we think

This is one of the machines to look at when you are searching for the best affordable projector. Of course, there are many of them out there, but this is one that its quality could be vouched for. It comes with a Native Resolution of 1280*800 and supports 1080P Video. The unit comes with a built-in HiFi stereo audio system. This is also fitted with a power amplifier chip. This entails that you will never be disappointed when it comes to the sound of your movies and other programs. The sound system does not end here. It also comes with the capability to connect with a surround system or external speaker through the RCA L/R or HDMI jack port. You can also connect and view content from your smartphone and iPad. But for this to work, you will need the wireless HDMI adapter, and the unit does not come with it. You can use this to view your home movies and photos, play your video games, and as a backyard cinema. It comes with an enhanced LED source technology that saves the harm that may come to your eyes. It also offers brighter images than what the TVs, laptops, and tablets will offer you.

The CiBest GP90 unit gives a projection size of 35-180", on a possible distance of 1.2m-5.5m. The panel is the 5.8" LCD panel type. When you purchase this, you will be looking at enjoying a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours because of the inbuilt LED bulb that can save energy up to 70%. The contrast ratio is 3000:1. That could be stretched up to 10,000:1. The aspect ratio is 16:9/4:3 and it weighs about 4.8 lbs, with a dimension of 11.2 * 9 * 4.5 inches.


Jack A. posited that it is a very nice device on all angles, while Darrell said it is excellent.

Christina Kent posited that her projector stopped turning on and only gives the red ignition light after using it for some time. This may be due to power surge issues because many others have been using there’s for many years without any problems. It could also be a problem with the remote control.

Ohderii Projector LED Mini Home Projector Review

  • Comes with increased contrast ratio of up to 30%
  • Fan noise reduced to only 30 db
  • Easy set up
  • The remote works only on weird angles

What we think

Ohderii actually did well in producing this piece and it is not mediocre at all. It can actually claim to be the best projector under 200. With this, you will enjoy up to 30% brighter images than what a conventional LED projector will give. This will make your indoor and outdoor game and movie experience worthwhile. However, the Ohderii Projector LED Mini Home Projector may not do well when used for data presentations. With it, your music, video and images stored in several devices could be viewed. You can also use it to enjoy HD output for video games like PS4 and Xbox. The screen size is 28~180, with 120 inches as the recommended size for use. When it comes to the dimensions, you will have an item half the size of your normal A4 paper and the thickness is just 3.9 inches. With the HDMI port, you can connect through your Laptop, Tablet, Blu-ray DVD player, and other Media players, and enjoy great images and sounds. To improve safety, this comes with a 4.9 feet cable AC power Adapter. There is a holder at the bottom that will help you carry the item wherever you wish to go. The stereo speaker it comes with gives out 4Ω, 5W with SRS Sound.

The piece comes with a native resolution of 800*480 pixels and it is compatible with 1080p videos. The contrast size is 1000:1 that can get to 2200:1. With the Ohderii Projector LED Mini Home Projector, you can enjoy up to 1800 ANSI lumens, up to 20,000 hours lamp life, and a projection size of 28~180 inches within a distance of 3.93 ~ 18 ft. The images are amazing because it supports up to 1.07 billion colors. The aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9, while the projection ratio is 1.38:1. To cap it all up, the technology on display is the latest LED type.


Elizabeth described the project as small but powerful. She said she bought it for their spare room so that kids can enjoy their movies with it, and for the adults to enjoy their football matches on Saturdays. However, he took it to the office as hurricane Irma arrived. But now, everybody at work is watching updates about the hurricane with it, and it's serving perfectly well. For her, it’s just a plug and play thing

For Steven Lynch, it is a cheap product and he ought to have considered the best reviews before buying. Well, if many others are talking about how durable, strong and effective this product is, he perhaps should check again.

AAXA LED Pico Pocket Size Projector Review

  • The video player plays MKV files
  • There are many customization features on the menu
  • It is portable and compact
  • It is durable and difficult to break, even after several drops on the floor
  • This shows 1080 texts but not really 1080p
  • The image quality dims when the screen is stretched to 45 inches
  • It has a flimsy tripod that looks set to break

What we think

This unit is one cheap movie projector that you need to get your hands on when you need one for your home and mini office. When you get this, you will enjoy its High Definition HD features. This comes with a native resolution of 960x540 pixels and is compatible with 16:9. It has a LED lamp that could last you at least 15,000 hours. It comes with an inbuilt battery that could last for 80 minutes. It comes with built-in speakers in case you don’t have the external stereo. There is room for AV connections, mini-HDMI, Micro SD, and USB readers. With this, you can easily share media with friends, family, and colleagues. One of the benefits of going for this aside from it being portable and easy to carry around is the ease of use, as it could be instantly set up to work with the Apple Mac, smartphones, PC and other devices. AAXA LED Pico Pocket Size Projector could offer images of up to 60 inches with its 25 lumens light. In the package, you will get the AAXA LED Pico Pocket Size Projector, the USB power cable, a Tripod, the 3.5m composite cable and the user manual.


For Rafael Alvarado, it is a great device and delivers fast shows perfectly even at a very affordable rate.

Jasson Kalugendo said it looks like a toy and therefore should not be sold. But he is not the person to speak the mind of all the buyers, because many have given excellent commendations about the machine’s build, features, and functions.

Abdtech LCD Portable Projector Review

  • It arrives with the AC/DC power cord
  • Unit comes with a built-in speaker
  • It comes with push button controls to complement the remote system
  • It’s Very quiet
  • It can connect many devices simultaneously
  • The product comes with a very clear instruction manual
  • There is no room for external speakers and sound may not be loud enough
  • No carrying case for portable movement

What we think

This is among the best because in addition to it being a new product, it comes with the entire advanced technology known for projectors. It comes with an adjustable lens for clearer picture quality. It emits a huge 2600 lumens of light, with a native resolution of 854x540 and a contrast level of 3000:1. The amazing news is that it also supports 1080P videos. This is the type that guarantees crystal clear images for your home cinema experience. When you get this, you can enjoy up to 32-200 inches screen size from 1.2 to 6 meters projection distance, with 32-120 inches being the best size here. The Abdtech LCD Portable Projector comes with an enhanced cooling system that makes for heat dispersion and a drastic reduction in the fan sound. The noise suppression feature is one that draws it closer to many projector users as the best projector under 200.

The sound system is also very okay for anyone who wishes to use the inbuilt multi-function speakers. The piece is compatible with devices like the iPhone and Mac, Android devices, PC, laptop, DVD and they could be connected through AV/VGA/USB/HDMI interface. For users to be able to connect more devices at the same time; there are two HDMI ports and two USB ports that can work at the same time.

When you buy this, you will get a 1-year warranty on some of the parts and 90 days on the lamp. With this, you will enjoy up to 16.7M colors. Abdtech LCD Portable Projector is an LCD system that supports 23 languages. The lamp offers over 20,000 hours of life.


According to Charmaine, he bought the unit when he read the reviews online and he can confirm that it has been serving him 100% since he bought it. He said the quality is amazing and that it is worth the money he spent on it.

For Simon, his projector arrived with some of the particles inside moving. He said that the box had some other heavy items placed on top of it during shipping, and now it is not working. This could be caused by the delivery system he chose, and he should complain to the appropriate quarters.

Crenova XPE460 Review

  • The projector produces 20% brighter images than others
  • This is a very affordable projector
  • It is very lightweight
  • Very easy to install and сonnect
  • Produces clear images only
  • The volume is very low
  • This is not recommended for presentations of PDF, Excel and Text files
  • It makes too much noise

What we think

One of the best budget projectors is this piece from Crenova. This gives up to 20% extra brightness than other normal LED machines will ever give you. When it comes to entertainment in your home, many other projectors will pale in front of this. Through a wireless HDMI dongle, content from your smartphones and iPad could be delivered on the big screen. So, this is perfect for your home cinema needs. Crenova XPE460 could project the images up to 37''-130' inches, at a distance of up to 1.2m-3.8m. However, when stretched to the maximum, the fan becomes very noisy because of the rise in temperature. It is sold with the HDMI cable, and buyers are entitled to a 12-month warranty that covers professional customer service. Another advantage of owning this is that you will not worry about the weight because it is very compact and portable. So, you can lift and carry it around as easily as you wish. The Crenova XPE460 has a native resolution of 800x480 pixels. When you buy a unit, you will get the mini projector machine, a power adapter, a remote control, a 3 in 1 AV cable, 1 HDMI cable and 1 user manual. The Contrast is 1000:1; the Aspect Ratio is 16:10, while the Projection Ratio is 1.4:1


A customer named P said that this is a fantastic budget projector and that he enjoyed the ease of set up and the image clarity. He said he could even see the pictures from the back of his garage, so he recommends it to all who are in need of projectors.

Shiv complained that while his projector is perfectly working, the bulb died after using it for 8 months. For the bulb to have lasted for 8 months when it is being used constantly, you got great value for your piece. Just change the bulb and continue enjoying the projector.

iRulu BL20 Review

  • Gives an amazing movie experience
  • Unit is very affordable
  • It makes for easy installation
  • This gives a 3 way projection
  • The projection could be adjusted to match screen size through a top to bottom tilt
  • Four-hour battery run-time
  • The size is a bit large
  • The fan is noisy

What we think

As the best projector under 200 dollars, it comes with a 5 inch LCD TFT panel and could be operated manually or with the remote control system. Devices can be connected to it through a 2xUSB ports and 2xHDMI ports, or through TV or DTV, VGA, YPBPR, AV and Audio method. With this, you will enjoy a projection distance of up to 1.2 to 6 meters with an official aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9. iRulu designed this unit in such a way that it consumes 110 Watts only. The package comes with 2 inbuilt speakers that give out amazing sounds. iRulu BL20 projector has a native resolution of 800x480, with a 1080P support. The screen size for the projection is between 32-200 inches. For the adapter, you can make use of the AC100V-240V and 50Hz/60Hz. the audio output is 3-way and it could be projected into three different directions including the ceiling, the rear, and the front. When you buy this, you will enjoy a one year warranty for customer service and technical support too. The HDMI ports are two in number, and this could be connected to your laptop, game consoles, TV and the PC computer to view content from them. The VGA pot is also available for you to connect your computer set. There is room for you to connect a surround speaker if you need louder sound too. The image comes through a LED source, so you won’t have problems with your eyes while viewing from here, even though it is always very bright. The LED Lamp lasts for more than 20,000 hours too. However, the iRulu BL20 projector is not good for PPT, Excel and word documents viewing. It weighs about 4.8 pounds, with a size of 10.2 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches.


Mikey says the money for the purchase is the best money he has spent in a long time. He says this quality is a real bargain at $100.

Lindsey Thompson said her own stopped working after one year. This could be because of other factors like the source of light and method of use because many other buyers are talking about the durability of the product as commendable.

Fugetek FG-857 Review

  • It shines brightly
  • It is very affordable
  • It is equipped with premium ballast power stabilizer
  • Fugetek FG-857 has a comprehensive owner and installation manual
  • It can be too noisy

What we think

This proves to be the best of all projectors in the market as of today. The Fugetek FG-857 projector comes with two HDMI and USB ports that are ready for use. A look at the price also reveals this as the most affordable of all projectors of its caliber, making it the best projector under 200. The level of brightness of the images needs commendation. This is powered by a 5.8" LCD, which is larger than what you get from other projectors. In the bid to ensure that the projections do not shiver with the surge in power, it comes with premium ballast that stabilizes things. This sets it apart from all others and consolidates its position in the list of the projectors under 200. Its native resolution is 1280x800 pixels and the machine supports 480i/p, 576i/p and 720i/p inputs. The Fugetek FG-857 projector is majorly for home use, and because of this; it is very compact and portable, weighing only 8 pounds. With its HDMI or VGA cable, you can easily plug this on your PC. It promises to be one of the best you can have for movie nights, gaming, home theater, and for your TV programs too. When you buy this projector, you will get the LCD projector with a remote control, an AV power cable and a VGA cable for PC. In the package, you will also have a lens cap, the video cable which is normally yellow in color, and the audio cable which is normally white and red. It is also sold with a 1 year US warranty.


Henry described this piece as one that trumps others when you compare the price, design and the technical aspect.

Alex complained that he purchased three products, but that the images are not consistent. However, this can be as a result of the shivering power supply because many other users commended the quality of the images they got.

Major Buying Considerations & Frustrations When Buying Projectors under $200

Before you set out to buy the best projector under 200, there are some things you must consider. These are actually the major determinants of whether you are getting what you really need or whether you are just buying a projector for the sake of it. One of the biggest mistakes anybody searching for an indoor and outdoor projector below $200 for his home will make is to get a unit that does not fall within the needed specifications. It will not satisfy his needs. To guard against this and avoid wasting your money, you should read and understand these considerations well.

Brightness (Lumen)

The Major Buying Considerations and Frustrations Faced When Buying Projectors

The brightness of the image displayed by any projector depends on the amount of light it gives out. To avoid getting muddy and soft images, the best lumen degree is always sought after. So, whenever I walk into the shop to get a cheap 3D projector, one of the first places I focus on is on the ANSI Lumens rating. Here, I ascertain the amount of light the projector can throw out. For my home theater projectors, I start considering from 1000:1 ANSI Lumens. Anything lower than that does not make sense to me. If it is higher than that, it would be great, as far as other features are great too. When considering this, I also factor in the size of the room, the size of the screen I want to use for the projector, and the room ambiance light. Bigger rooms, longer distances, and rooms with more ambient light will demand higher ANSI Lumen.

Contrast Ratio

This is another important area. This is the feature that adds more flavor to what the brightness of the projector gives. When you have white and black images on the screen, the ratio between both of them is named the contrast ratio. So, I definitely want to have my whites very white and my blacks very black. That is why I go for the highest ratio here. In fact, this is what makes the images appear superb. If there is not the much clear cut demarcation between the colors, you will have blurry and washed patterns. I guard against this by going for projectors with up to 2,000:1 contrast ratios. 1,500:1 can also do in dark rooms.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

Resolution and Aspect Ratio of budget projectors

The resolution centers on the density of the pixel, expressed as native resolution. The number of pixels for the DLP and LCD projectors is fixed. Now, the way to get the best out of this is like this; for the projector, I intend using to view more of HDTV contents, I scout for the highest native pixel count available. Here, something between 1920X1080 will do. When it is mostly for DVD contents, I could do with pixel counts around 1024×768. Elaborately, the native pixel requirement for 720p HDTV signals is 1280×720 pixels, while that of 1080i HDTV is 1920×1080 pixels. Those who want to be using this with their Blu-ray disc player should have no problems going for native resolutions of 1920×1080 native pixels. But if for any reason, you want to try the 4K projectors, you would have to study the set up to see the best pixel requirement for you.

The aspect ratio centers on the width of an angle to its height. The projectors with 4:3 aspect ratios are best for business purposes and are more compatible with a computer set. Those with 16:9 aspect ratios are the perfect machines for projection of DVDs and for home cinema and games. However, the 16:10, which are the best for business projection on computers with bigger screens, have also been discovered to offer brighter images when used at home than the home cinema models. so, one may be tempted to go for this, depending on how sure the person is about the unit and the amount of brightness the person needs.

Projection Technologies

The two major technologies for most of the best projectors under 200 of this caliber are the liquid crystal display (LCD), and the digital light processing (DLP) technologies. They come with different strong and low points and I consider these before shopping. You should too. The LCD model, for instance, works better in well-lit rooms, offers brighter colors and sharper images for data and graph presentations and does not produce ghosts in 3d images. They are also more energy conserving and a bit quieter. If these are your concerns, go for this. However, the DLP projectors are mostly more compact and lightweight, and therefore more portable. They work with HDTV, Blu-ray and DVD sources too, and the motion videos are smoother, especially for action scenes. Their black colors are deeper and truer than in the LCDs and the color contrast is higher too. Consider these while choosing.

Cables and Connectivity Technology

Cables and Connectivity Technology

Another point I consider so well are the sources of connection for the new product, and the cables that will do the work. Suffice it to say that majority of the new units come with the HDMI connection technology. But this will also require a wireless dongle to connect it. So, will the projector come with the dongle or would I have to spend money to get one after buying it. Does it come with the VGA and DVI input methods too, because time will come when these will become necessary? The USB connection system is also very essential, and not only that, projectors that come with two USB and HDMI ports are preferable. You will also be getting more value if the older sources of connection are also involved. Things like composite and S-video input systems for analog sources may come handy someday. So, the best projector under 200 with more sources of input is always better for you. You will also be better off with units that come with the connection cables where necessary. The AC/DC and the USB cables are the basics.

Budget Projectors Fan Noise

This is one thing I give huge consideration. Projectors will always have the fan that will work to alleviate the heat that will come from the lamp as it works. Considering the fact that the best low priced generator is still an indoor unit, you will always want something with reduced noise. Projectors that generate less heat like the LED types make less noise. But even among the LED projectors, some make lesser noise than others. So, to avoid being distracted by the noise while enjoying the movies and games indoors, I always look for those whose noise canceling effects are superb. I do not go for the projector whose fan noise is louder than that of my laptop. So, I ask, check, and crosscheck for the technology used, and how low it brings the noise. I also consider the place I intend to position the projector at home. The unit that will be in the small kids room will definitely demand less noise, while the one I will place in the larger sitting room, may not need to be ultra-quiet.

Dimension and Weight

Dimension and Weight of projectors under $200

This is another major consideration to make. Of course, we all love it when it is compact and portable. But how compact and portable is okay. Now, the caveat here is, so far as the projector will serve you well, the smallest in size and the lightest in weight is the ideal thing. This will need a lot of carrying and moving around in the house. You may even have the need to move it outside the house. So, you should consider the possibility of hanging it somewhere in the garage to enjoy your movies in the evening or tuck it somewhere in your garden for the family film show. I normally go for projectors between 10 x 8 x 4.5 inches, weighing around 2 pounds. However, you have to understand that the more powerful and advanced projectors under $200 tend to be heavier and a bit larger. I try to find a balance between them.


This is another huge consideration to make. It is related to the size and weight. Of course, you will have a hard time installing heavier and larger units. However, the major aspect I look into here is the installation mechanism. Some of the projectors come with simple plug and play mechanisms. They are easy to fix and use. Nobody wants to work 10 screws before he can start using his unit. The ease of installation is also tied to getting a comprehensive user or installation manual. It must be in the English language and must come with picture illustrations before I will consider the item.

Lamp Life and Replacement

Lamp Life and Replacement

While every other thing is being considered, I do not fail to look into the part that would probably go bad before others in the projector. That is the lamp. All projectors come with lamps that last for thousands of hours. But baring all exaggerations, the lamp that lasts longer than the others is always preferable. If I am getting the projector for regular use, then I will always look for those with the highest lamp life. Something around 90,000 hours will be ideal in any situation. But if it is something I use sparingly, then I may place other factors above this. The lamps for the traditional projector bulbs may not last as long as those of the new LED units.


When I get into the market in search of a projector for my kids’ movies and my weekend football games, I start by looking at the light. Now, the fact is that the best output from the projectors is gotten when the room is a bit dark. However, we cannot rule out the fact that some people have very bad viewing habits. So they will always have the lights on or will continue to pull up the shades or curtains to make sure the daylight or sun is coming into their room. When I go in search of the projector, I try to take these people into consideration. If you are the type that are comfortable with dark rooms (because that is where you can get the best from your projector), then you may not have to worry about the light. But if you love getting maximum output from your unit even in broad daylight or while the lights are on, then you have to consider the light. Here, you must check the ambient light rejecting surface of the projector you are considering to buy. I consider this too. Some of the projectors under $200 come with supernova surface, and this rejects the ambient light so well.

Audio System

budget projectors Audio System

This is another important consideration to make when you are shopping for the best projector under $200. Now, one thing you should understand is that projectors are not televisions. While some may come with inbuilt stereo speakers, some may not even come with any speakers at all. If you are using this in a small space for a few people, the inbuilt speaker might be okay. But if not, you have to get an external speaker. Whatever the case is, best projectors under 200 with inbuilt speakers and room for external speakers are better. You lose nothing by getting one.

Screen Size

This is another thing I put into serious consideration when shopping. If you have a screen already, you must buy a projector that can give you quality images when paired with the type of screen you have. If not, you should purchase a screen in consideration of the projector you are purchasing. If you have, for instance, a 1080p projector, or products of higher resolution, you must get an HD screen. This is to avoid pixel distortion and to ensure that optimal clarity is achieved.


Getting a cheap projector under $200 in your home is a must. This is because, while you spend a small amount to purchase this, you gain huge from it. It will bring your family together for movies and game sessions and your eyes are saved from the dangers presented by television and computer sets. You can move also travel or around with the projector because of its portable nature and with this, you can also view content from many sources.

The DBPOWER T20 LCD Projector has proven to be the best projector under $200 from the result of our research. It gives you a whopping 50% more brightness than the others, the lumen level is 1500 ANSI Lumens and it caps this up with an 800x480 pixel native resolution. So, it is amazing and worth trying.