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5 Best Projector For Gaming Reviews in 2019

When it comes to gaming there are so many ways to enjoy it. First, you can consider going for the option of gaming on TV, using a best gaming projector. What happens when you want a bigger display without changing the TV? This is where the use of the best gaming projector comes in. You will now be in a position to enjoy gaming better than when gaming on PC or TV. Depending on the projector that you pick, you can end up with the best gaming projector that has even better picture quality and resolution.

Below, we get to check out some of the top models and what makes them good. You should be able to pick one that works great for you. Let’s find the best gaming projector for you today.

Top 5 Best Gaming Projector Reviews

Overall Score
5.95 pounds
7.93 pounds
20 pounds
7.94 pounds
5.9 pounds
Native Resolution
Aspect Ratio
16:10, 16:9, 4:3
Contrast Ratio
Lamp Life
35,000 hrs
3500/5000/7000 hrs
6,000 hrs
3500/5000/7000 hrs
3000/4000 hrs
0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 in
4.79 x 14.98 x 10.91 in
23 x 11.5 x 20 in
4.79 x 14.98 x 10.91 in
9.6 x 11.3 x 3.9 in
HDMi, VGA x2, S-Video
Screen Size
11-166 inch
100 inch
51-162 inches
100 inches
105-159 ft
Resolution Distance
10-16 ft
5 ft
8-16 ft
5 ft
4-6 ft

Best HD Gaming Projector: Optoma GT1080 DLP Projector

  • Impressive resolution
  • Low input lag
  • Good for gaming
  • Tends to show posterization in the brightest mode

At first look, we get to see that this model is all about good picture quality. This is because it comes with high definition images making it worth the price. With its 3000 lumen lamp, many are going to see it as worth using. This makes it brighter than your average project you might be having. Being a, upgrade of a previous model, it is definitely going to be great in terms of new features and overall performance.

This model is also good in terms of connectivity. For most people looking for the best gaming projector, they would want to look at the number of ports. Well, for this model, you get that it comes with multiple ports for connectivity. This allows for you to connect to different types of devices all the time.

Since HDMI is the current popular format, it is just great to see it as a port on this gaming projector. The HDMI ports are good in terms of supporting the latest HD content that you might be having.

The model is also good in terms of the contrast and color. This means that you get a realistic image all the time you get to use the projector. It just works great if the projector has a better contrast and color reproduction.

est for Full HD 1080p Gaming Projector: BenQ HT2150ST Gaming Projector

  • High resolution
  • High responsiveness
  • DLP technology
  • Can be difficult to adjust keystone

Just like any other model, you will be looking to get the best performance projector at all times. Well, for this model, you get that it comes with impressive resolution. Its native 1080p full HD image quality does make you like your gaming experience. It also features an impressive contrast ratio that gives you the best performance that you have always wanted.

The model comes with a great 6xRGBRGB color wheel. As a result, the projector is able to deliver on lifelike colors. This is something good for gaming. Having a superior short throw projection is another reason to own the model right now. This is because it is able to deliver up to 100 inches of screen at just 1.5 meters. The same cannot be said for those old models that would require more throw distance and thus a good projector for gaming.

The gamers will love the high responsiveness that comes with using the projector. This is thanks to having low input lag and unique game modes. You are always going to have an easy time gaming to the fullest with this kind of model.

The model still features two 10w speakers. The aim is to give you quality sound that you can also like while gaming. It should definitely make gaming better as compared to the other models on the market.

Another top feature is the DLP technology. This is where you never have to worry about aging problems. The technology makes sure that you keep having good image quality at all times. It is able to consistently deliver the best gaming experience as expected thus the best gaming projector.

Best for Unmatched 4k Gaming Projector: Sony VPLHW45ES Gaming Projector

  • Ease of setup
  • Impressive brightness
  • Whisper quiet fan
  • Expensive

For the longest time, Sony as a brand has always been good in terms of making quality products. This projector comes out as a quality product you would definitely want. First of all, we get to see that it comes with an unmatched 1080p resolution output. This is good especially if you are used to TVs with similar resolution. As you can see, gaming will be better is the output is also good.

This HD gaming projector also comes with detailed pictures that make it better. You will enjoy the crisp and detailed picture performance as compared to some other models on the market. You will also like the fact that the colors are natural as well. With many other projectors being prone to over-egging, this does not suffer the same scenario.

The brightness is also worth talking about as it also what makes it the best gaming projector. It does come with white brightness of 1800 lumens. This makes it good when it comes to better image brightness. It also features a cinema mode that has reduced brightness for a relaxed time watching movies.

The lamp life of this model is 6,000 hours which should be enough to last you for a couple of years. This means that gaming just got better. You never have to compromise when it comes to the quality of gaming.

With the other models having loud fan noise, things are different with this one. This is because it is able to deliver on a whisper quiet fan. You will not even hear it working. This makes it good especially for those looking to enjoy some quiet time watching movies. It is definitely the best 4K gaming projector.

Best For Those Who Want Short Throw Gaming Projector: Benq W1210ST Gaming Projector

  • Great color and contrast
  • Short throw distance
  • Does not overheat
  • Cases of DLP rainbowing

It is no surprise to see another Benq projector among the top gaming projectors. This is because the brand has a history of making the best projectors at all times. You will be in a position to enjoy using the projectors all the time. Starting with the design, some might find it large, but on overall it is something functional. It will be able to deliver on some good performance you might want to keep using.

Of course we also have to look at the performance. This model does come with some good performance that you can like. It does have 2,200 lumen lamp which ensures that you can have the impressive picture quality. The images will be brighter to make gaming better.

So, how about the set up process? Well, this model does come with ease of setting up. You will be in a position to keep using it on overall as compared to the other models. To make it even better, the model does feature a short throw distance. With just as throw distance of 1.5m you get up to 100-inches of screen.

The sound on the other hand is average. With 2x 10w speakers, you cannot expect the home theater sound. That being said, it is still able to give you good sound quality for gaming.

To make it the best gaming projector, you find that it comes with two gaming modes. As you can see, it is something meant for gamers. You can choose the modes depending on the game you want to play. Having a faster response time makes it further better for fast-paced games. You will love just the way it works.

Best for HD and 3D Projector for Gaming: Optoma GT760 Gaming Projector

  • Impressive construction
  • Bright images
  • Multiple picture modes
  • Comes with low native resolution

This is another best 4K projector for gaming. It is amazing how it is a cheap gaming projector and still able to deliver on some good features. First of all, we get to see that it comes with a good lamp life. With an estimate of up to 6,500 hours, it is able to work better as compared to the other models on the market.

Another thing that makes it the best gaming projector, you find that it comes with multiple picture modes. It is able to deliver up to 5 picture modes. This is something that should work great for those who need to change between different colors for gaming.

You are also going to love the audio that you get with the model. Having 2-watt speakers might not lead to the best sound, but it is good enough to hear it. Based on gaming projector reviews, you will not even hear rattle or buzz at high volumes. This makes the speaker quite good for the money.

It is worth noting that the model comes with 3D capability. It does work with various 3D formats. This should make it versatile when it comes to working with it on overall. It will definitely make it easy for you to have the different types of video content you might be having.

The model also boasts of having a wide range of connectivity options. This should make it possible for many people to find it being worth the price. You can now use it with different types of devices to enjoy media from each. It is going to be something you love over time.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Projector - Buying Guide

The Resolution

Since you are looking to get the best experience gaming, you definitely need to get a projector with the best resolution. The best resolution means that you never have to worry that your images might not be clear. It is the reason you see many people taking their time to find the best models with the right resolution. Depending on the model, you can get some having a resolution of up to 4K, with some having 720p. Gaming, make sure to get a model with 720p or higher.

Projector Brightness

The brightness of the best projector is always important for you to have brighter images. You need to consider the lumens you get with the model. In most cases, some will start with 1000 lumens going up to around 3000 lumens. They should be enough to help you with gaming. It is always good to keep the budget flexible so as to acquire a model that can deliver on good image brightness also.

Contrast Ratio

To get the optimum results while gaming, you need to get a model with the best contrast ratio. It is therefore important to consider getting yourself the best gaming projector with the right contrast ratio. Having a higher contrast ratio means that you end up with a brighter image. For a start a minimum contrast ratio of 5000:1 is considered something good. The higher you go, the better it becomes.

Input Lag

There is also the need to look at the input lag. The input lag is simply the amount of time taken by the projector to finally project the image. Well, your guess is right having a longer input lag can be frustrating for many people. Expect that the input lag will have from one model to another. Compare the different models to see which one gives you less input lag.

Refresh Rates

The refresh rate is still an important consideration. If you are going to pick the best model, then you need to have the best refresh rate. For gaming, you might want to have one with 120Hz or more in terms of refresh rate. Having a faster refresh rate means that it can deliver on seamless and crisp images.


From the list above, we can all see that there is a lot you can benefit from when it comes to owning the best gaming projector. This is because these projectors are good in terms of performance and can give you the best gaming experience as compared to other models on the market. You do not have to get confused about which models to get as the list gives you the best of the best. However, the Optoma GT1080 DLP Projector is fantastic in terms of contrast and color. This means that you get a perfectly realistic image all the time you get to use the projector. It just works great if the projector has a better contrast and color reproduction. Boasting an